Luk Songo (Java 3D animation)

Film Animasi Karya Anak Bangsa dari Surabaya
This animation is created by me, Zaki and my friend Kurniawan. We’re from Surabaya-Indonesia.
This is our first big project.

About Luk Songo

Luk songo means 9 crooked dagger called jogosukmo keris is traditional weapon from Java. The story itself is a fiction, although most of it is a true and for real, such as background places, magical chant and also its costume (except the girl costume).
Setting on east-java late XVII century. Joko Aji 7th descendant of Mpu (weapon maker) try to take over keris from his evil uncle and his minion.
We do have a lot research about this. We went to mountain Kelud and also Sempu island as well just to take a photo shot for the map and material. Many thanks to Trowulan Museum to help us out.

a magical chant when rachmad transferred his power to joko aji is poem created by the famous wali songo sunan kalijogo.
final fantasy 7 inspired us a lot. but not for the final blow the character does. the final blows name was “sedulur papat limo pancer” which means 4 brotherhood soul in one person.
the last scene when joko aji dissapear, called mukso which means decompose human body into atomic level.

enjoy n please leave a comment

ps : sorry indonesian subtitle at the moment, english sub available soon.

hidup animasi 3d indonesia



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  1. yarmo berkata:

    Sayang Video Luk Songo (Java 3D animation) part 05 / 06 gak da swaranya,
    tolong dibenahi !

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